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Coin Specifications:
Cost of 1 WIRE token: $0.15 USD
Token Sale Terms: 79 days with the possibility of an automatic early completion if all tokens are sold.
Minimum Purchase: $100
Maximum Purchase: $150,000 per round
Tokens Required For Masternode: 35,000 WIRE
Available Purchase Options: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Steem, Steem Dollars (SBD)
Tokens Available For Token Sale: 187,500,000 WIRE
Circulating Supply: 250,000,000 WIRE
Hardcap: $28,125,000
Adjustable Emission: All unsold tokens beyond 25 million will be burned at the end of the token sale. Up to 25 million will be held by the team for a period of 3 years and used for the future marketing and operations of the platform.

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WIRE fosters a decentralized and worldwide network by utilizing staking and masternode implementation. Token holders can earn network rewards (token minting) by keeping their wallets open and staking or by using 35,000 WIRE tokens for collateral and creation of a masternode.


Security and Privacy were a top priority in the creation of the WIRE token. Coin mixing and ZeroCoin protocols have been integrated into WIRE. Both of these features allow for transaction mixing, anonymous sending and freedom from prying eyes.

Earn Program

Linking your personal social media account to the Social Wallet platform will engage the EARN feature. Social Wallet will maintain a consistent media presence across all social networks. Social Wallet posts will be visible on the platform creating an opportunity for users to acquire WIRE token simply for Liking, Sharing, Retweeting, or Commenting on the company's posts.

Debit Card

Social Wallet has entered into an agreement with 3rd party debit card provider. All users on our platform will have the opportunity to own a Social Wallet Debit Card. Our debit card’s end user functionality will be indistinguishable from legacy bank debit cards. Convert many of your ERC20 tokens into payment options for everyday purchases.

Sneek Peek

Here is a preview of the Social Wallet platform, to be released as soon as the Token Sale is complete.

Our Team


Ken DiCross Social Wallet Inc Founder
David Hunter Social Wallet Inc Founder
Luke Shepard Social Wallet Inc Founder


Daniel Wilson Blockchain Developer
Jon Leibham UX/UI Developer
Justin Day Marketing Manager
Shawn Stone Community Manager
Kyle Headley Service Director
Chuck Yang International Relations Advisor
Tom Cheung International Relations Advisor
Randolph Barr Aryaka Networks CISO Advisor
Barbara Arellano Google Finance Analyst Advisor
Ricardo Ferreira BuildTeam CEO Advisor
Gary Sevounts Aryaka Networks CMO Advisor
Chen SiYuan Founder & CMO of Northern Capital Investment Chinese Relations Advisor
Jeff Kirdeikis Founder Cryptocurrency Investing Network Advisor
Tim Bukher Principal Advisor
Derek Hansen Source Alchemy Advisor
Ashley Richardson Source Alchemy Advisor
Vash Marada Source Alchemy Advisor


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Token Wallet Platform
What is the WIRE Token?

The Wire token is what enables the Social Wallet platform to send value from one person to another. After purchasing or receiving Wire tokens, a user who would like to send Wire to another person on social media can do so with a few simple clicks.

Why does Social Wallet need WIRE tokens?

WIRE tokens does not only act as the currency on the platform but will also act as the "Fuel" for the platform.

What is a masternode?

Masternodes are nodes running on the blockchain network that provide extra services for the blockchain. These services include: Increased privacy of transactions, instant transactions, a decentralized governance and a proposals and voting system. For providing such services, masternodes are also paid a certain portion of rewards for each block.

How many wire tokens are needed for a masternode?

Masternodes are required to have 35,000 Wire tokens as collateral and be able to run 24 hours a day. Wire users may use SwiftTX to make transactions instantaneous, thus enabling to send coins with zero confirmation wait time required.

What is Social Wallet?

Social Wallet Inc. has developed a platform that allows one social media account to send cryptocurrency to another social media account, even if the recipient is not expecting it or has never heard of it. Simply by knowing an individual or group's social media username, users can send cryptocurrency in a matter of seconds. It is fast, secure, and easy to use. No technical expertise is required by the sender and no prior setup or notification is required of the person receiving the cryptocurrency.

What is the Social Wallet Initiative?

Social Media can be used for so much more than it’s currently being used for and we intend to lead a movement for change. To achieve this, we are starting the Social Wallet Initiative. We will be putting aside 10% of the funds raised in the Token Sale and using this to manage the Social Wallet Initiative. The mission will be to get people to share cryptocurrency with people and then to share those stories on social media and through this we can teach the world about the power of cryptocurrency.

Can you tell me about your company?

We are a corporation registered in the USA. We have four founding members in our company with three of us in the USA and one in the United Kingdom.

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